Lucy is a level II UK CC coach.  Lucy’s philosophy is that coaching should provide a collaborative framework to encourage riders to problem solve and think about themselves, their horses and their goals.  Building confidence and skills using a variety of mediums both on the horse and off.  Focusing on positive progression in all areas of riding, competing, nutrition, health and fitness.  Lucy will build a vision with a rider and work towards gaining that vision as a team.


Definition of coaching

An interactive process that helps individuals develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results in all areas.  Clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and use their natural strengths more fully.

  • Pushing boundaries
  • Building a framework
  • Achieving goals


Coaching scheme

Weekly training Flat / Dressage / Jump:

Weekly                                                                 30

Every 3 weeks                                                    35

Monthly                                                              40

Includes homework, coaching and goal setting.


Coaching can also be arranged on site at competitions to include warm up and feedback for each round.

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