We offer a full livery service including exercise to suit your horse.  The horses are stabled in an American style barn with loose boxes and are turned out daily to their own paddocks.  They are kept clean, rugged and polished.  Platinum, gold and silver livery includes hayledge and hard feed.  Competitively priced bedding is sourced and bought on to site, please ask for current prices as these vary depending on source.  We produce excellent quality hayledge here on the farm.

PLATINUM – Seven Day Livery With Exercise / Training

GOLD – Seven Day Livery Without Exercise / Training

SILVER – Five Day Livery

Over any five day period (usually Monday to Friday), but this is flexible to suit your needs, the horses are kept at full livery.  Then on the other two days, owners take over the regular stable duties, bar feeding, which is carried out as normal to a set schedule.  Weekend duties include mucking out (before 11am) skipping out stables (pm) and poo picking the paddocks, turning out and bringing horses in.  These tasks can be carried out for you if required and preferably with advance notice!  We have a diary system for booking extras.

Bedding and Supliments are at a extra cost.

Additional services are available such as Equissage, clipping and rug washing.  

Coaching: Click to find out more…

Lunging: Horses can be lunged or lunge jumped.

Breaking: Breaking services are available.

Horse Boarding: If you go on holiday we can take your horse in whilst you are away to give you peace of mind.

Schooling: We can school your horses for you, at whatever level you require, from basic improvement to top level competition training.

Hacking: We will also hack out for you.  There are numerous bridleways and village hacks accessible locally including the new Woburn Forest CenterParcs bridleways.

Therapies: We have a solarium or ‘beauty’ room for the horses! We also have an Equissage unit, magnetic therapy and ice vibe therapy.

Farrier: Nigel Turner, Michael Burgoyne

Vet: Torsten Federn equine vet

Dentist: Gary Draper


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